Welcome to EcoFire – Hungary!

I am Gábor Lengyel, founder of EcoFire Studio, located in Sárvár, Western Hungary. I am involved in design and construction of wood-fired heating equipments (fireplaces, stoves, tile-stoves, furnaces etc.) and we are the regional distributor of NOBØ (norwegian electric heating panels, and heating mat).

EcoFire.hu was created to help my customers to find the most environmental friendly and comfortable solutions on 21 century level to heat their homes. I plan and build unique fireplaces, tile-stoves according to the latest technologies and rules. Also, you can choose high quality stoves from the best producers’ official brochures (e.g. Jotul, Haas&Sohn etc.). Among styles I am experienced in the most popular scandinavian minimalist, to rustic, vintage, classical or country, especially in Hungarian folk stlye. If you are looking for a special art-deco style tile stove / fireplace, I can show you several examples in my showroom from catalog. 

During planning stage I make 3D visualization based on the real layout of my customers home. I take advice to find the best type and style.

If you would like to have a personal meeting, please call / write me.

Our area of operation

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Basically I produce and set up fireplaces, tile-stoves, masonry heater in Western Hungary (Szombathely, Kőszeg, Sárvár and Balaton region, Keszthely, Tapolca etc), and Burgenlad (Austria). In Budapest region (including suburban zones) I make projects with my colleague.


Wood-burning (fireplaces, stoves, tile-stoves, masonry heaters, furnaces)
NOBO electric heating
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Please call me to schedule a meeting.

Sárvár, Rákóczi str. 17.

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